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T-Shirt Order Form

Available in five sizes: 130, S, M, L, and XL.

  • Left: Wearing 130cm (height 118cm)

  • Right: Wearing Size S (height 128cm)

  • Left: Wearing size S (height 162cm)

  • Right: Wearing size M (height 163cm)

  • Left: Wearing Size L (height 165cm)

  • Right: Wearing size XL (height 178cm)

Order T-shirts

2000 yen per piece, regardless of size (tax and shipping included)

Number of T-Shirts
130 size
S size
M size
L size
XL size

Since the amount cannot be automatically calculated, please enter the total amount according to the number of sheets ordered.

1 shirt::2000 yen 2 shirts:4000 yen 3 shirts:6000 yen

4 shirts:8000 yen 5 shirts:10000 yen

Applicant Information

Thank you for your purchase!

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